Are you interested in 
   home remedies and holistic approach in healing?   The acupuncture?

        Acupressure as effective touch and massage healing in home conditions? 

  D o w n l o a d a b l e   v i s u a l   g u i d e s ?


Female`s body and skeleton as shadow with marks of 16 acupressure points. 5 thumbnails as a descriptions` patterns of some point. Text –welcome to


 TV monitor shows experienced reviewer (mother and grandmother) which is speaking about advantages of acupressure in home.                           tool for acupressure and massage point activating
   If you are here, 
                                    you already have some pre knowledge about acupuncture. 
Also about that, what it can give to people and in which cases it can help. For this we will not bother you with historical exposition and theory,  which is quiet complex,  but in some cases even mystical and  nonunderstandable. 
The related literature is available enough, also in internet resources are many materials.  But this does not satisfy you and you have continued your seeking. 

stop sound 
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B y  r e a s o n s   b e l o w :                       
a)   You really want to make better your health and life quality;
b)   You or your family has some exact physical or  psycho   emotional problem, disease with which you have to handle.
c)    You want to add acupressure and medical acupuncture  point   massage to your home remedies
but you have came to conclusion that these which are for specialists  are  too specific, popular scientific –in the most cases only informative, without practice possibilities.
The situation is getting harder because to the point marking are used at least 5 systems – Chinese, English,  German, French, Russian and number form. We completely agree with you and in this home page will try to help you.
   Really, in the total information flow we have too less golden mean – how average  person  without special anatomical, physiological and medical knowledge about healing point massage  can help himself and to his family to special healing of their disease.                             
At home, work, in every  comfortable place and time.




In which cases you can and you must to do it and in which not? 
 In which way? 

      When you must visit acupuncture specialist 
and when you must look for traditional emergency medical help.


Screenshot of TV monitor shows doctor speaking about acupressure learning.

Partly in such of situation in the acupuncture (needle therapy) area is natural and right, because you need time, to acquire it professionally. 
In the USA it is 2-3 academically education years in anatomic, physiology, microbiology and biochemistry, and also, at least 500  hour clinical practice under the guidance of experienced teachers.

In the EU is practiced separate education or additional education programs for certificated doctors.  Only after successful graduating of these programs are given official right to be  employed in acupuncture practice (needle therapy). 
In modern China is running serious scientific  examination institutes and their task  is to ensure  traditional Western and Eastern medical synergy. 
                                   And for this moment, this is the most optimal solution.

In this turn, acupressure (point massage, but not acupuncture - needle therapy) in home conditions can use everybody. 

But you need to have related knowledge. 
At least about that how to find right points in the case of particular disease, how and when influence and what is the contraindications.
          The  most of the  people think  that each disease can be  healed by influence on 1- 2 points.

The popular  literature also direct by this principle: one disease – one point.                                               This is not wrong and in the most of cases it  helps,  but  it  is not complete  solution. Acupressure and  acupuncture which  is made by medic, in the case of one disease  are predicted influence to 5-15 points.
The healing course is 5-15 days, which often must be repeated after some time.
 To help  learn and use  such of complete method  in  home conditions is  the main our home page task. 
HOW does a visual guide look? Click on image!

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 10 photo thumbnails demonstrate practical usage of acupressure and massage and how to find out acupuncture points on human`s body.

 The offered material is funded on one family two generations the highest qualification doctor,  engineer, professional historian and traveler  gained  materials. 
For you it will be something new, but acupressure and  medical  point massage  is used and was used in  little  different way  in the tribes of  Africa and between  South  America Indians,  also  in antique  European nations.  Here the  traditional medicine and  pharmacology has achieved big success and old methods are forgot or lost.
But the points for diseases healing are the same.
For  sure,  as  the basement are  taken  Chinese prescriptions,  were chosen  the most effectual combinations of the healing points, which for each disease or emotional instability case (or for its prophylactic) are arranged in separate “manuals”.
The main its arrangement and visual formatting principle is that doctor, certificated acupuncture specialist or  student can approve that material  is correct and right and it explains serious things in  simple  language.  
In this turn,  any interested  person can easily understand it, learn, and use it without efforts, using as an inventory item and mobile practice.

For  this  reason  were used  high  quality  photos  with  modern  graphics  possibilities  and only  the  necessary   text.

                Index page of acupressure visual guides allows you to show and see relevant description photos on laptop screen.
Skeleton and relative landmarks for cun measurement are shown on the laptop screenAcupressure reviving points are shown on laptop screen How to use the acupressure visual guides to find out acupuncture point- Laptop screenshot shows

         Let’s see  
what kind of financial,  time  saving and  healing  bonuses  you  can  get with our help, learning by yourself and using acupuncture to your disease: 

The advantages 
of acupuncture (point massage) & acupuncture (needle therapy).

For all, 
      who are interested in  healthy and  harmonic lifestyle.

TV monitor shows experienced reviewer (mother and grandmother) which is speaking about advantages of acupressure in home.
  ●   The friendly and harmless methodic for                  your body.

  ●  Without drugs, so we don’t have effect                  “one is healed and other is  poisoned".

Too many medicines are not good for health.
                        ●  Positive influence to all body                                    not only to special organ.

                         ●  Without side effects.                                                          
                         ●   No habituation.

So it is the great healing method for kids, older people,   and drug weakened body. 
For all, 
      who are interested in  healthy and  harmonic lifestyle.  
Harmless stimulator and stress or strain catcher for sportsmen, students, and so on, who needs it.

Doctor is telling about acupressure usage for diseases with unclear etiology.


    It can be used parallel to traditional             healing to make better effect  or make           smaller drug doses.
    ●   It helps also in cases when                         traditional medicine is less effective.

           Migraine, sleeping and emotional balance distortions, asthma, rheumatic nature  joint pain,                                          chronic dermatitis, enuresis and so on.
          ●   Speaking in total, acupuncture (point massage) and acupuncture(needle therapy) in comparison with traditional medicine has very good results to such of diseases which arise from emotional nature or nerve system problems, inadequate lifestyle or household conditions.
As medics say, these are diseases, which have unclear etiology.


 Advantages  of acupuncture  (point massage)  
in  comparison  with acupuncture  (needle therapy).

              ►  You don’t have to be afraid of the needles.

   ►  There is no risk to injury blood- vessel and nerve.       
 ►   There is no necessary so much accuracy and therefore academic knowledge in anatomic and  physiology.
►  There is possibility to do this procedure in home conditions.





Why it is profitable 

to learn and use influence methods to healing points? 

10 photo thumbnails demonstrate different aspects of acupressure and massage and location of acupuncture points on human`s body.
   You can make the procedure at the flood and convenient location.  

This is not only the question of comfort. Even for non specialist is clear that in the case of insomnia   the  procedure must be done shortly before bed time, for the body stimulation – after you wake up or shortly before sport competition, exam, interview or other responsible  event. Pain syndrome, emotional instability or asthmatic bout must be taken off when are arise first symptoms.
          ■  Financial savings. 

The healing course is 5-15 sessions, which maybe must be repeated.
Calculate how much this will cost in acupuncture clinic or at point massage professional.
      ■  The time saving and not only that. 

The gateway to the clinic and back in 1-2 weeks is just one side of this question. 
But let`s think, what will happen, for example, with depression or stress prevention effect if back way from clinic you must stay about half an hour in obstruction, or even worse – you are waiting visit of financial inspector. 
By the way, this is the same in hypertension, diabetes mellitus,  asthma, dermatitis, migraine, headache,  PMS and many other cases of diseases.

     ■  The unique chance without big financial investment, time spending and risk for health to try healing  point effectiveness. 
As in medicine at all, also in acupuncture are cases that there is no healing effect or it is quiet minimal. 
When you will feel improvement, you can safely continue  and/or contact with professionals.
  ■  If person do not have sufficient physical condition or hands and fingers strongly get tired, there is possibility to use device method. 
The most important is to know the right healing points exactly on your body for your disease. For that, if it will be portative medical laser, infrared or electromagnetic impulse generator, mechanical point massager, is the secondary meaning. In comparison with clinical acupuncture session prices, the prices of these devices are quiet eligible, and if you know the healing specifics of your disease, you can choose the most suitable. Possible that near you have appropriate rental office of acupuncture devices  and in this case the costs will be lower.      

 ■ Very often in the cases of the psycho emotional problems, addiction, impotence or frigidity more clearly aware relatives. The patients are thinking about themselves that they are not ill or by other reasons they don’t want to visit the doctor or acupuncture specialist. But they agree for point massage at home. 
In any case it can be called as health fortification session,  even do not mention that in this will be included specific acupuncture points, for example, for reduction  of too large aggression or strengthening of the potency.


 Let us see 
the features and advantages of the visual guides! 

 Text header- features of the acupuncture visual guides.

                      ◘ -  Practical and fully illustrated. One point – one e-poster – 2 (skin and                                         skeleton) and more
                             (close up if  necessary) photo-schemes. 

Totally 10-15 e-posters with exact location,   direction of force, method and  duration of massage. 
                       ◘ -  No previous experience guide to treatment of every condition.

                       ◘ -  Every step explains point necessary. 

                       ◘ - Total treatment duration for most conditions is 10 to 15 minutes
                    ◘ -  It is not necessary to massage active points on your own 
                            you can ask somebody else to massage points for you.

                 ◘ - Total treatment duration for most conditions is 10 to 15 minutes

                 ◘ - You don’t have to purchase all atlases.
                      Only that part which is related to your   disease. 


What should you know when you will start to apply acupressure?


    For more accurate measurements to all body is used so called proportional snipped method (see FAQ photo),  but for our purpose it will be enough to use finger wide. They will be shown also in schemes.


     If you are making point massage to other person, it will be preferable to make small pattern (see FAQ photousing patient (not yours) finger wide. It is preferable that for women you use right, but for men left hand fingers.



 Usually acupressure points are more sensitive than surrounding area.

              On the bones usually they are located in delve or fosse. – If it works, you will feel pain,
              warm, light tendency on your hand, leg fingers or along bones, tingling, and pulsation).


                 For this reason do not relay on cun measurements. Touch ~ 0.5-inch area and listen in your feelings.

   For more information read F A Q 


There are available editions on the "ORDER" page too (as all in one page):

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       According to home page visitors’ demands, the additional paragraphs will be supplemented gradually with new courses of disease healing.  

Be patient.  For sure, we have all  necessary written and schematic material, but it would be understandable only for professionals.

Each acupressure point localization correct graphical representation and all the 10-15 point combined development for average human needs takes time.
Acupressure visual guides`   screenshot of index page and 6 screenshots of relevant description photos which are available by one click. These relevant pages show detailed HD descriptions: how to find each acupressure point.


            Unfortunately, we cannot response to all writers.   However, presented site is in the permanent      development stage and we will try to publish these answers, which could be interesting for bigger    attendance. 

How to download and run Visual guides to acupressure?
How to use keys, codes and passwords?
Compatibility for Windows 8 and Windows 10 - how to set?

K E E P    I N     M I N D !!!
  If  suffer from any medical illness or condition,                                                   
                           we strongly recommend that you consult a physician or health professionals

medical, holistic and alternative approaches            
medical, holistic and alternative approaches         
medical, holistic and alternative approaches  

medical, holistic and alternative approaches  

 In accordance with certain laws and governmental regulations in certain countries,   
                 relating to holistic and alternative   approaches,  we are obliged to state the following:
                                  is a non- traditional (official) medical website. Therefore, none of the information
                                           presented here is of a traditional (official) medical nature and should not be treated as such.
                           Acupuncture (acupressure) is an alternative and/or additional medical or mental treatment. 
                          Under no circumstances, it should be used as a substitute for conventional health care, especially if you have specific                  
                          symptoms that have been diagnosed by a physician and if treatment has been recommended. 
                          You should never disregard medical advice or delay seeking it based upon something you have read or seen at



Acupressure points. A visual guide to home-based cure. ISBN 978-9934-8293-0-7 Cover page of exe-book. Men`s body with marks of acupressure points is shown and small photos of separate editions for different illnesses. These are home-based massage and acupressure cures with descriptions of pressure points: Wellness Basic, Wellness after 40, Chronic fatigue syndrome, Asthenic syndrome, Fibromyalgia, Headache, Insomnia, Depression. All massage guides consist from recommended group of 10-15 massage points and acupuncture points for healing                  

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           Press points for   Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFC) 
           Press points for   Headaches
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Acupressure points. A visual guide to home-based cure. ISBN 978-9934-8293-0-7  Back cover page of main edition of e-book Acupressure points. The cover pages of separate massage and acupressure home-based cures: Wellness Basic, Wellness after 40, Chronic fatigue syndrome, Asthenic syndrome, Fibromyalgia, Headache, Insomnia, Depression are shown. All massage guides consist from recommended group of 10-15 massage points and acupuncture points for healing
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   The additional downloadable (for other illnesses and mental disorders) visual guides 
will be supplemented gradually,
     starting from the more necessary, usable, and providing most positive results.



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Male`s body with marks of acupressure points for knock out, pain, controlling effect when fight.  Monitor simultaneously shows the different shapes of combat strikes.

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This is more voluminous and  consists of  90  point             descriptions and point usage ways. 


                                      There are vital points from different styles 

   Dim Mak,  knock out,  pain,  controlling points and revival points and techniques.

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 According to the readers’ requests, we begin the adaptation of publications to MAC- users. 
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Home page visitors also can download full featured test versions to check process and compatibility. (see page "Points & Diseases" )

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