Of course, the vital points was used in ancient martial arts. These are used in modern combat too. How? 

D  O W  N  L  O  A  D  A B   L  E      V  I  S  U  A  L      G  U  I  D  E   !  
      Location of knock out, pain and setup points which extracted from the best martial arts, fighting styles and self-defense techniques.    Are you interested in?


Men`s body with marks of acupressure points. 8 thumbnails as a descriptions of each point. Text –Let us introduce you with the combat points. Ideal position. Visual guide.

                                              Why this visual guide was made?


                       About many martial arts are written quiet many. Also good video guides with demonstration of the
                 fighting styles are available. The one thing is common in several techniques – an influence on the vital
                 body points more or less is used.

                            However,  till yet was  not so many practical instructions and demonstrative information about
            exact location  of the combat points. It is, in the field of this information were many difficult publications
            and less visual information. As we know, exactly  it is better understandable and longer stays in the mind.
            In addition, necessary image will appear in your mind automatically when you need to react.


                              Book picture with cover page there pain, knock out and vital points on humans` body are shown.   Therefore at this time the authors’ main task was:


                        1st Summarize the most powerful and in practice usable combat points from different fighting styles.

                        2nd Maximally demonstrative, using possibilities of HD photo and modern computer graphics, show
                               their exact dislocation point and kinds, and, also, how to find them. Choosing point on full body 
                               image, you will notice its exact dislocation place on megascopic corresponding part image, also  
                               skeleton and in need, muscles, blood vessels, and nerve systems illustrations.  T h i s  i s  n e w!

                         3rd to show effective direction and kind of influence.

                         4th Discover the main and besides fighting effects, delayed activity and also healing features of the 
                               traditional acupuncture and point massages. (The points are the same!) 
                         5th Show the most effective multi points combinations, explain their usage psychological, physical 
                               reflexes and also antique martial arts and acupuncture interaction principles. For example, how
                               one point’s usage can many times make stronger influence of other point.

Features and advantages of visual guide are shown as nine separate screenshots with graphic descriptions
In this publication mentioned all set of abovementioned is made first time, because until this time it was quiet closed information. As well as finding of the points without good anatomical knowledge were difficult. Therefore, proposed visual guide will let to professionals incorporate these vital points in to arsenal of their techniques, but average people can use them to learn effective self-defense technique. Constantly or leading by trainer (parents) everyone can chose optimal version, which is suitable for age, gender, physical possibilities and limitations. Without, very good knowledge about point’s dislocation on your self, you will better know which places you need to protect in the trainings and street fights especially.

Men`s body with marks of acupressure points and a monitor showing the different shapes of combat strikes.
We cannot say that completely all points will be new for you (especially this concern to professional sportsman and trainers, soldiers, etc.), but in the guide for sure will be descripted such of points that the most of the audition don’t know, or is possible another usage of them, which can give unexpected (or additional) effect. The big attention also is paid on revival techniques development, it is, which points and which influence must be used in the case of one or other stroke (and with it connected effect).



Police emergency lights, text –warning, police jetton are shown.

Situation and argumentation in favor or against to distribution of this kind of knowledge is similar to argumentation in favor or against to selling of guns. It is pluses and minuses. Although visual guide has informative nature, we are thinking, that most of the precaution events can be referred also on usage of this knowledge, also partly on the responsibility. Knowledge about points and their usage without special need can be interpreted as violation of necessary protection border or an aggravating circumstance in cases of aggression and criminal behavior.

Be careful with material availability to the children, because this visual guide formation makes it easy to understandable also for them, and be more careful with teenagers. 
Maybe some pain style can be useful to get rid of the grip.




Police emergency lights, text –warning, police jetton are shown.

 The information contained in this visual guide is offered for informational purposes only and no other purpose. The creators, producers, and distributors of this visual guide disclaim any liability or loss in connection with the execution of the exercises and advice herein connected. 
You may be injured if you apply or train in the techniques of self- defense demonstrated in this guide. Neither author or producers, and distributors of this visual guide shall be responsible for any such injury.  Carefully read the description of  revival points and techniques as well as CPR
Always consult your physician prior to beginning any exercise or physical training program. Should you experience any strain, stop immediately, and seek the advice of a licensed health care professional.
Do not use actual weapons in your training practice. Use only simulated replica weapons.
Always wear appropriate protection gear while practicing self- defense techniques. This must include eye protection, headgear and groin protection.
None of the techniques presented should be employed unless your life or physical well-being is in eminent danger.
Always, when possible, avoid any physical confrontation. In the event of a hostile or life threatening encounter, use only the force necessary to stop the threat or remove you from the dangerous situation.
If you are in question of what action may constitute "reasonable force" and "excessive force" contact your local law enforcement agency.
Remember! Laws vary in each state and jurisdiction.
  Use the information of this visual guide and demonstrate combat points (especially to your children)
 at  Y O U R   O W N   R I S K !
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Here you are more than 90 combat points in this visual guide
                                   i . e .  3 8  pairs  of  symmetrical  points  and  7  central  points.
                 Additionally you will discover large cluster of revival points as well.      For Windows only!

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!!! How to download and run Visual guides to Combat points?
How to use keys, codes and passwords?
Compatibility for Windows 8 and Windows 10 - how to set?

Cover page of the  acupressure point’s visual guide for combat named-The combat points. Ideal position.Index page screenshot.
 If the human is informed, he is armed and armed human is feeling more self-confidence. It is not important whether it is a gun, knowledge about martial arts or other specific knowledge. As well, victimology (science about crime victims) researches approve that criminals mostly as victims chose people in which posture, pace and eye sight they don’t see this confidence. These adult confidences, whose attitude can calm down raving companionship of the teenagers, and if we look reverse, no one normal adult will not think about to physically offend the kid, because he is more stronger. It is only benevolence or tolerance, if kid has done something wrong. Some times it is parents’ sense of obligation, if they need to punish their jackanapes, but no way in aggressive direction. So these confidences for the peace and benevolence, author of this publication doesn’t need to use his skills for many years, nobody even hasn’t act in aggressive way. Accordingly, this belief and soul peace we wish to you and your family a well as self-confident people benevolence to surrounding people.

Back cover page of acupressure point’s visual guide for combat named-The combat points. Ideal position. With author`s photo. 
                                                                                             Good luck for you!
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All above mentioned shows popularity of martial arts and people`s interest in discussed themes, as well as necessity
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and fighting.              
                  Thank you!


    You want to ask:  What is not so good?   
Though our hosting provider promised unlimited traffic, sometimes the speed of loading is extremely slow.
It was so unexpected! Moreover, unfortunately this problem is not reparable for the present time.

What can we do? To ask for patience only…

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We are hoping to get comments and suggestions from you, especially about visibility and practical usage, because now we are preparing expanded publication. Perhaps, in it we can include or publish in separate publication the set of point massage for body stimulation before sport events.
By the way, such of set can be useful also before exam or important job interview, because it mobilize not only the physical resources but also mental – refresh of the memory, worse vision and hearing, increase resistance to stress, etc.
Unfortunately, we cannot response to all writers. So, we will try to publish these questions, answers and comments which could be interesting for bigger attendance. 
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In the next, more wider and covering guide we will open more exactly DIM Mak point destination. The important part will be about antidotes – acupressure tools for healing instant and delayed effects. Quit often it is necessary, but because of luck of such of knowledge it is not done. Eventually, professional diseases of the boxers and sports mans of martial arts (Parkinson`s disease, migraine, loss of strength, several neurosis) often is not only effect from physical activity and injuries, but also delayed effect from influence to different points. This information will be useful also in cases, if you or you kid, for example, has fell down from the bike and got accurate impact in some point with the corner, or some sharpen part and is felt arising of specific symptoms. For example, as without visible reasons after the week or even month after the injury, when all seemed like is O.K, arise insomnia, headache or skin itch, which do not respond to traditional treatment, increased tiredness and apathy or in reverse, aggression. (CV 22, for instance, causes emotional problems such as fear or grief as delayed effects).
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